About Us

More information about Zonify app and our eCommerce tools

Zonify is a quick developing company that develop softwares/apps solutions for eCommerce websites.

Our target audience are usually first-time entrepreneurs who already have an interest in eCommerce and wish to replace their normal everyday employment with a more adaptable and fiscally compensating work. They are searching for content that would help them to effortlessly start a shop, create their first sales and achieve their dreams and goals.

Our products are also suitable for seasoned online shop owners who are looking for more efficient ways of doing their business. We are offering them means to expand and further prosper, while concentrating on more fun and creative components of their work and taking away the less rewarding tasks.

We have an objective of attracting new users through simpler and inspiring content about how to start, run and maintain online business, while keeping their attention and rewarding their loyalty by offering more specific/actionable content on how to make sales, finding eCommerce suppliers or managing eCommerce customer service.

One of our Ecommerce tool is Editorify App, which allows you to Easily update pricing, shipping, title, description, variants, quantities, sizes, tags while browsing your shop. 

In our community you will find more dropshippers store owners that will be glad to share their experience with you.‚Äč